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George Pataki

Peekskill Native Pataki Reveals How He’d Confront ISIS

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — Former Peekskill Mayor and 2016 presidential candidate George Pataki sat down with U.S. News & World Report to discuss a number of hot-button political issues, including how he would deal with ISIS if he were sitting in the Oval Office.

George Pataki

Keeping Their Promises

In blogs over the last several months, I have revisited the fiscal records of the eight Republican presidential candidates who have gubernatorial experience. As the 2016 race heats up, the candidates will begin making many promises on tax and spending issues, but will we be able to believe them?

George Pataki

Pataki reports paltry presidential fundraising

Former New York Gov. George Pataki’s uphill effort to win support among early Republican primary voters for the 2016 presidential nomination won’t be getting much help from his campaign treasury.