Rick Perry’s Wealthy Donors Want Their Money Back: Sorry Millionaires, Buyers Beware

Rick Perry might not be running for president anymore, but he’s still sitting on millions of dollars of Super PAC money. He has several options about what he can do with this money, but his donors have issued a stern message to him: We want our money back.

Specifically, Doug Deason, the son of Darwin Deason – a donor who gave Perry’s Super PAC $5 million, said that his father expects the money to be returned. But the Super PAC, called the Opportunity and Freedom PAC, said that they don’t have any firm plans just yet, and they’re discussing their options with their team of lawyers right now.

But that’s not good enough for the Deason family, and they have made it clear that they’re expecting the Super PAC to shut down and promptly send them a check.

But you know what – I think that Perry’s Super PAC should keep this money. It sends a message to wealthy donors that pouring millions of dollars into political campaigns is never a sure thing – it’s a gamble. And as any gambler will tell you, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And the Deason family lost big time by betting on Rick Perry.

So keep the money, as long as that’s legal. Stand your ground and let the millionaire class know what it’s like to get screwed over by a politician for once…

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