Reporter Tried to Inject Politics Into Lafayette Shooting- Gov. Jindal Shuts Him Down in 5 Words

On Friday, Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal blasted a reporter for trying to interject the subject of gun control into a press conference following the theater shooting in Lafayette, La. The shooting, which killed two and injured nine, took place Thursday night.

The unknown reporter asked Jindal how the tragedy played a role in the conversation on gun control, but the Governor refused to talk politics:

“We are less than 24 hours out, we’ve got two families that need to bury their loved ones. We’ve got families waiting for their loved ones to leave the hospital and are praying for their recovery.”

Gov. Jindal added that there will be a time to talk politics, but “now is not the time”:

“There will be an absolute appropriate time for us to talk about policies and politics, and I’m sure that folks will want to score political points of this tragedy, as they’ve tried to do on previous tragedies.

Now is not the time. Let us bury our dead, let us mourn.”

During the questions Jindal made clear he was happy to discuss the issue at a later date, however, according to The Hill, reporters were not happy with Jindal’s answer. Journalists at the press conference responded saying it’s difficult to wait days or weeks after a shooting to address the political issues, citing the “frequency” of tragic shootings.

Later in that press conference, Jindal spoke about the heroism displayed inside the theater, as well as the “barbaric” way the shooter carried out his atrocity.

In response to the tragedy, Jindal suspended his campaign on Friday, but did not offer any details as to how long he would stay off the campaign trail.


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