Martin O’Malley Announces Criminal Justice Reform Proposals

Former Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley, speaking at National Urban League conference, outlines criminal justice proposals he would enact as president, incl. job training in federal prisons, expanding drug treatment, financing body and cruiser cameras for police departments.

  • “As president, I will require every police department to publicly report all custodial deaths, all incidents involving use of lethal force, and all complaints of discourtesy and excessive force,” O’Malley says
    • “Our federal government must lead by example in banning the box so that a past criminal record does not prevent a person who has paid their debt to society from obtaining gainful employment”
  • Says he will “forge a consensus to repeal the death penalty in America and thereby remove the United States from the small group of nations responsible for a majority of the world’s public executions”
  • “As Americans, we believe that you do not surrender your human dignity when you change lanes without signaling”
    • “If you do not believe that, you are not qualified to wear a badge and carry a gun”


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