Lindsey Graham says he’s frustrated with Republican in-fighting

Senator Lindsey Graham, right, rubbed his hands for luck while playing the roulette wheel at a charitable gaming poker room during a campaign stop in Manchester on Friday. Senator John McCain was to his right.

SALEM, N.H. — Campaigning with US Senator John McCain, Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham expressed frustration Friday with his party and presented himself as a pragmatic option for GOP primary voters.

“We’re showing a level of irresponsibility that’s going to hurt us,” Graham said, alluding to the failure of House Republicans to find a speaker to succeed John Boehner and their inability so far to reach a long-term budget compromise. “I’m frustrated too.”

The senator from South Carolina, speaking at the American Legion Hall to about 45 people, said as president he would follow the model of give-and-take practiced by President Reagan, a Republican, and former Speaker of the US House Tip O’Neill, a Democrat.

Graham said the pair cooperated to save Social Security. He said he’d be open to the same kind of bipartisanship to strengthen the program today.

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