Letters: SC can be proud of Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham stole the show in the so-called “undercard” Republican presidential debate. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of the challenges we face in a dangerous world and articulated Ronald Reagan’s reminder to Republicans that getting most of what we want from the Congress is better than getting nothing. And showed his audience that commitment and determination need not be reflections of anger. That is good news in politics and in life.

A CNN reporter called the debate “the Lindsey Graham show.” The Washington Postreported that “Lindsey Graham Roars Out of the Gates.”

It is hard to break through in a field of candidates this large. Two enormously talented and accomplished men already have dropped out due to low poll numbers, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Wis. Gov. Scott Walker.

It’s worth remembering that at this point in 2011, Gov. Perry was leading the pack with 23 percent support in polls, about as high as Donald Trump is today. The story was the same in the 2008 race, when Rudy Giuliani was on top and John McCain’s campaign was declared dead; McCain won the nomination.

The “undercard debate” that Sen. Graham dominated was the best so far in terms of a serious discussion of issues, policies and conservative ideas, mainly because he was in it. Lindsey Graham has demonstrated to millions of viewers nationwide that strength of character, determination and commitment to one’s country are alive in the presidential campaign. We can all be proud of South Carolina’s senior senator.

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