Kim Kardashian endorses Hillary Clinton

Kim Kardashian is better known for provocative photo shoots than contributing to political discourse, yet she ventured outside of her comfort zone during an appearance at The Commonwealth of California, a nonprofit public affairs forum, on Tuesday.

LaDoris Cordell, Northern California’s first female African-American judge who has since retired, conducted an interview with the reality television star and asked her about several hot-button issues,The Daily Beast reported.

Here are five of the most noteworthy statements the social media sensation made:

On feminism …

Kardashian declared herself a feminist in a July cover story for Rolling Stone, and discussed that characterization at The Commonwealth of California.

“I guess people call me a feminist, but I don’t like to put labels,” she told Cordell, according to The Daily Beast. “I do what makes me feel comfortable. I never think what I say is the right thing, but I believe you should do what makes you feel comfortable.”

On Caitlyn Jenner …

Kardashian continues to show support for her former stepparent Caitlyn Jenner, and spoke candidly about how Jenner’s transition has had a positive influence on her.

“Unless you’re actually going through it, you’ll never 100% understand it,” she said according to The Daily Beast. “Caitlyn is so grateful for all of that. The reason we wanted to share our family story over it during a two-hour special was to show that every family member will have a different opinion or reaction to something, and that’s okay. Everyone has a different emotional transition to find their own way to support it. Caitlyn has helped me learn to be less judgmental. Through it all, I saw it might be difficult for some people, but that’s still okay.”

On Hillary Clinton …

Kardashian said at the event that she hopes Hillary Clinton will be the nation’s first female president.

This is not the first time Kardashian has made a presidential endorsement. In 2012, she came out in support of President Obama primarily because of his “evolution” on the issue of marriage for same-sex couples. In a blog post that she later shared on social media, Kardashian wrote at the time: “We’ve never had a president so supportive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and today I am proud to be an American!! I’m so happy that our country is making history and moving forward. No more living in the past!”

She also reiterated her support for the president during the 2014 midterm elections: Kardashian tweeted a cartoon of herself and the president along with a message stating she was “standing” with Obama and encouraging her followers to vote.


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