Jim Webb Campaign: Reaching Out to DNC ‘About As Useful as Sticking One’s Hand Into a Wood Chipper’

The Democratic Party’s embrace of Hillary Clinton has other presidential contenders feeling like they’re left out in the cold.

The spokesman for Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb told IJReview Friday that talking to the Democratic National Committee is:

“about as useful as sticking one’s hand into a wood chipper.”

Webb, a former Senator from Virginia, didn’t attend the DNC’s summer meeting Friday, partly in protest of the DNC setting up a joint fundraising agreement with his rival Hillary Clinton, BuzzFeed reported Friday morning.

A joint fundraising agreement allows Clinton to simultaneously raise funds for her Democratic primary race, as well as funds for the national party to use during the general election. The money raised jointly by Clinton and the DNC will be available to the eventual Democratic nominee, be it Clinton or someone else.

A DNC official told the Washington Post that the national party hopes to sign similar agreements with other Democratic candidates.

IJReview asked Webb’s campaign spokesman, Craig Crawford, if the campaign would reach out to the DNC about an agreement or vice versa. At first, Crawford responded:

“Why should we?”

When pressed, Crawford told IJReview:

“It’s been obvious for a while now that reaching out to the DNC is about as useful as sticking one’s hand into a wood chipper.”

Other Democratic candidates have expressed similar frustrations with the DNC’s relationship to Clinton. Earlier this month, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley said the DNC’s debate rules were meant to “pre-ordain the outcome” of a Clinton nomination.

Resource: http://www.ijreview.com/2015/08/406100-jim-webb-dnc-democratic-national-committee-hillary-clinton-fundraising

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