Hillary Clinton interview with ‘biggest fan’ Lena Dunham touches on feminism, her marriage to Bill… and Lenny Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction


  • The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate sat down with Girls’ Lena Dunham for a friendly interview about feminism and her policies
  • Millennial television star has shared snippets of chat in lead-up to the launch of her newsletter LennyLetter
  • Remarking on name of the project, Clinton and Dunham went off into tangent about Kravitz ripping open his pants at show in Stockholm 
  • Hillary Clinton is doing a tour of friendly media as the campaign hopes to make her look more approachable and fun   

Hillary Clinton’s may be known for being composed and scripted, though a recent outreach to younger voters took an unexpected foray into the raunchy.

The former secretary of state, who has been combating sinking poll numbers due to her email scandal, sat down with 29-year-old Girls creator Lena Dunham for her soon-to-debut newsletter, Lenny Letter.

Most of the interview, which will be public next week, focused on Clinton’s life and political positions, though the two women also chatted about rocker Lenny Kravitz exposing himself to a crowd of fans in Stockholm when he ripped his pants on stage.

Dunham’s newsletter, which launches September 29, was created with the idea of discussing feminist ideas, and much of Clinton’s interview seems to cleave to her life and policies.

However, a trailer released Friday through Funny or Die sees Clinton saying ‘I thought this was an interview with Lenny Kravitz’.

Dunham responds, ‘Did you see the footage where his, like, pants split?’

‘You know I missed that,’ the presidential candidate responds before saying, ‘Do you think I could get that…’

‘On YouTube,’ Dunham says before Clinton sums the bit up and says, ‘I’ll look for that’.

Clinton’s LennyLetter talk followed a breezy appearance on Ellen, a segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and a sit-down with fashion website Refinery29 where she spoke about sexual assault.

The former First Lady has been on a media blitz during September after a summer that saw her lose ground to socialist rival Bernie Sanders.

Dunham previously released other previews of the interview on Instagram, including those with a more political bent.

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