Following Campaign Suspension, Rick Perry Returns Millions in Contributions

Rick Perry is officially out of the 2016 presidential race, and it’s time to give back the money.

Perry’s series of SuperPACs, packaged as “Opportunity and Freedom,” are returning millions in donations to their donors, the Center for Public Integrity reports. Among the mega-donations are:

  • $6 million from Kelcy L. Warren, executive of Energy Transfer Partners, which has Perry on its corporate board;
  • $5 million from Darwin A. Deason, a technology entrepreneur;
  • $4 million from another single donor who gave their contribution after the mid-year FEC deadline;

Along with other, smaller donations, the PAC will be returning almost $17 million to donors.

The larger donations from Warren and Deason were packaged outside of the super PAC’s main pool of donations. And as the CIR points out:

“Legally, there’s nothing to stop donors from attaching formal conditions to their contributions to super PACs, mandating that the money only be used for certain expenses or stipulating what would happen if a candidate drops out.”

The Perry campaign has yet to respond to Independent Journal regarding what they will do with their leftover campaign donations.

Perry’s campaign floundered following a lack of campaign fundraising which, unlike super PAC funds, are capped for each donor. But unlike campaign funds, super PAC dollars cannot be used to pay campaign staff or to coordinate with the campaign.

The campaign couldn’t afford to keep staff on the payroll, and eventually, failed to run a campaign at all.


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