Donald Trump tweets image of his face, the American flag and… Nazis?

As if there wasn’t enough Donald Trump turbulence already swirling around in the political atmosphere, it looks like a Nazi storm a brewin’.

Tuesday afternoon, Trump tweeted then deleted what on its surface appeared to be a patriotic image of his face watermarked on the American flag with a photo of the White House, some hundred dollar bills and some soldiers with the hashtag “#MakeAmericaGreatAgain.”

However, to the learned eye, something is clearly wrong with the photo. Take a look and see if you can spot it:

Yes, those soldiers are Nazis. And not just any Nazis, they are SS, which were basically Nazi special forces and some of the most brutal killers of the Nazi regime.

The gaffe was pointed out (ironically) by a former NSA analyst and current author named John Schindler.

So where did they get that image? An iStock photo search for the term “WWII Soldiers” pulls it up, along with some interesting tags such as “German culture” and “Fascism.”



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