Donald Trump thanks Robert Redford for praise, ignores criticism

Washington (CNN) Republican front-runner Donald Trump is touting some praise from Robert Redford, but the actor had a bit more to say than the businessman shared — not all of it flattering.

Redford, during an Aug. 28 interview on with Larry King, said of Trump, “I’m glad he’s in there because him being the way he is, and saying what he says the way he says it, I think shakes things up and I think that’s very needed. Because on the other side, it’s so bland.”

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted, “Wow! Such nice words from Robert Redford on my running for President. Thank you, Robert.”

But Redford began his comments on Trump saying the real estate mogul has “such a big foot in his mouth, I am not sure you can get it out.”

“It’s like ‘Looney Tunes’ and not “Merrie Melodies.’ It’s crazy stuff,” he told King. Redford added that Americans feel foolish watching the candidates run against each other.


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