Donald Trump: Debating Clinton ‘would be one of the easy challenges of my life’

Washington (CNN) Donald Trump, too, is excited to debate Hillary Clinton.

“I can probably think of nobody I would rather debate,” Trump told Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren on Thursday evening. “I think beating her in a debate would be one of the easy challenges of my life, that I could say.”

Trump’s comments follow public excitement from his potential Democratic opponent, who said earlier Thursday that she would enjoy debating a Republican candidate she says is anti-women.

“I have to say, if he emerges, I would love to debate him,” Clinton said at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio.

Trump and Clinton both lead polling in their respective parties, with the New York real estate magnate capturing 32% in the latest CNN/ORC poll released Thursday.

Trump has at times looked to downplay his success at debating, repeatedly saying in the lead-up to the first GOP presidential debate last month that he had no professional experience sparring with rivals behind podiums. But his confidence Thursday may have more to do with Clinton, who Trump told Van Susteren was the “worst secretary of state in the history of this country.”


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