Chris Christie: What does he stand for?

This article is the latest in a continuing series examining where the 2016 candidates stand on five key issues. Click here to read about Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie once seemed like a formidable candidate for the2016 GOP race. He’s a Republican governor of a reliably blue state who took on unions and was re-elected with a sizeable margin in 2014. His tell-it-like-it-is style appeals to a class of voters who believe politicians are too cautious and beholden to public opinion.

Then the scandal over the lane closures of the George Washington Bridge engulfed his administration, driving down his once-stellar poll numbers. And the giant Republican presidential field means that there’s more than one candidate who fits the bill for business-friendly moderate Republican (try former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Ohio Gov. John Kasich), as well as brash truth-teller (like businessman Donald Trump) – both constituencies Christie has sought to win.

His poll numbers have slipped in recent weeks, as Kasich and other underdogs like businesswoman Carly Fiorina have worked their way into the middle of the Republican pack, and it’s not yet clear he’s doing well enough to make it into the next GOP debate in September.

Christie has been campaigning hard in New Hampshire, banking on his efforts on the ground to win votes, telling CBS’ “Face the Nation” earlier this month, “It’s just work hard. That’s what you have to do. And so we’ll just continue to work really hard.”

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