Bill Maher Compares Donald Trump to Hitler: ‘Stirring Up Xenophobic Hate’

The host of HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ went after his nemesis Trump on Friday night, accusing him of being ‘Hitler-adjacent.’

Bill Maher, the acclaimed political satirist and host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, is no fan of Donald Trump. After all, The Donald once sued Maher for $5 million over a joke, and the comedian has regularly criticized the GOP presidential frontrunner for his perceived hypocrisy, including his anti-immigrant stance in light of repeatedly marrying immigrants, as well as branding him“sexist” and “thin-skinned.”

On Sunday night’s program, Maher went nuclear when he began discussing Trump’s behavior at a recent rally in New Hampshire. In case you haven’t heard, at said rally, a racist gentleman stood up and branded President Obama a Muslim, and Trump refused to correct him, merely replying, “Right,” before giving his pandering two cents.

“Well, I think that may be what the good news is—the blush may be off the Trump Roast, finally. He’s having a bad week,” said Maher. “Did you see what happened yesterday? Trump was taking questions at his Klan rally in New Hampshire, and he learned a very important lesson: Never give a microphone to a man who thinks Donald Trump should be president!”

Then Maher really gave him the business. “This guy got up there, and he said, ‘Obama’s a Muslim, birth certificate man, and the Muslims have training camps here ready to kill us, what you gonna do about it?’ You know, there’s been a pet conspiracy theory among the Teabaggers for a long time that Obama is setting up reeducation camps. I’d like to say tonight: I think he should. Really. We need reeducation camps. Because I try to resist comparisons to Hitler because there’s only one Hitler—he broke them all—but, you know what? If you’re stirring up xenophobic hate among an angry, humiliated population and talking about rounding up minorities, it’s a little Hitler-adjacent.”


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