A funny thing happened at the forum

SANDOWN, N.H. — Things really are a matter of perspective. Take this week’s forum for Democratic presidential candidates, which really was a forum for surrogates to stump in their stead.

Every presidential candidate running in the Democratic primary sent a substitute save one — Lincoln Chafee, the former senator and governor of Rhode Island. Even the guy who announced his bid in New Hampshire seven hours before the forum started sent someone else. (No, seriously.)

But not Chafee; he sat on stage among the stand-ins.

“There’s nothing more important than showing up,” said the candidate, who is barely a blip in recent polls, after Wednesday’s forum, which was hosted by the Rockingham County Democratic Committee and attended by about 75 people.

Now, the fact that Chafee was the lone candidate present for the two-hour event could be taken one of several ways.

The first is with a bit of snark, considering even the single-issue candidate with next to no elected experience — Harvard Law

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