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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary’s health ‘excellent,’ doctor says

Hillary Clinton is a healthy 67-year-old woman who suffers from hypothyroidism, seasonal allergies and takes blood thinners as a precaution against clots, according to a two-page letter from her personal physician released Friday afternoon by her campaign.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the Mob

(CNN) —Donald Trump’s glittering empire of New York skyscrapers and Atlantic City casinos have long had a darker side, allegations that the mob helped build them.

Hillary Clinton’s Cuban ghosts

Hillary Clinton’s Cuban ghosts

When the former Secretary of State calls for lifting the Cuban embargo Friday, she’ll be the first major presidential candidate to go to Miami and forcefully advocate for engagement.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Knocks Jeb Bush’s Slogan At Urban League Conference

Several presidential candidates went to Fort Lauderdale to talk to civil rights activists today. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Florida governor Jeb Bush were among those who appeared on the same stage at the National Urban League Conference. They took the stage with different messages about racial inequality. NPR’s Greg Allen was there.

Bernie Sanders on Immigrants: Silly, Tribal and Economically Illiterate

Bernie Sanders on Immigrants: Silly, Tribal and Economically Illiterate

Ezra Klein has a revealing interview with Senator Bernie Sanders at Vox. Sanders’s views on immigration jumped out as a particularly baffling eruption of economic illiteracy, political tribalism, xenophobic nationalism and general silliness…