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Hillary Clinton can’t keep her story straight. I’m not talking about her e-mail servers. She can’t stick to a consistent line on the rather more central issue of the U.S. economy. It is leading to odd tonal shifts in her campaign, and to some foolish policy choices, too.

Hillary Clinton unveiled a proposal to combat climate change last night, and it appears to be in the pragmatic Clintonian space of sticking to safe ground. Rather than trying to outdo her Democratic rivals, Clinton’s plan seems designed to allow her to contrast with Republicans who either don’t acknowledge the reality of climate change or aren’t really ready to do anything about it. As Seema Mehta and Evan Halper of the LA Times report, Clinton says her approach would put the US on a path to have all homes and businesses powered by renewable energy by 2027 — a goal her campaign frames as both light on details and far short of where environmentalists would like her to be.

AMES, Iowa — Hillary Rodham Clinton spent the weekend in Iowa confronting an enthusiasm gap facing her presidential candidacy by reminding the Democratic base that she has been a reliable warrior for the causes it cares about most.

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